Block Stones

Marble Washbasin Bowl

High Quality Marble Washbasins Carved by CNC router Natural Stone Diverse Dimensions Competitive Quality and Price


Beige Travertine Blocks

  Physical Properties DENSITY 2.61 KG / SQM APPARENT POROSITY 2.03 % COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH 72.5 MPA FLEXURAL STRENGTH 10 MPA ABRASION RESISTANCE HARDNESS 21.3 Chemcal Compasitions CaO 48.51 % SiO2 2.57 % Al2O3 0.061 % Na2O 0.02 % Mno 0.013 % K2O 0.05 % Fe2O3 0.045 % MgO 2.35 % TiO2 0.015 % P2O5 0.024 % CI 42.00 %  

Negin Stone Co.

Persian Nero Marquina Marble Blocks

Negro Marquina Marble is a fine-grained and compacted rock with black background and calcite veins irregulary distributed over its surface. Finishes,  polished,  honed and riverwashed. Available in slabs, tiles, cut to size and blocks. Recommended usage, counter tops and bars, wall and floor tiles.

Negin Stone Co.

Golden Silk

The Golden Silk natural stone is ideal for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Its unique design and luxurious appearance make it perfect for special designs that require a touch of extravagance. Available in blocks and slabs.  


Lotus Grey

Made from high-quality marble, this stone boasts a unique fossil background that adds depth and character to its design. Lotus Grey features two distinct colors - dark and light - which work together seamlessly to create a beautiful contrast. The dark color is rich and bold, while the light color is soft and subtle, making this stone perfect for creating a dynamic look in any room. One of the most striking features of Lotus Grey is the intricate white lines that run throughout its design. These lines are delicate yet bold, adding a touch of texture and interest to the stones surface. Available in blocks and slabs.  


Blue Velvet Marble

Blue Velvet Marble is a premium natural stone that exudes opulence and refinement. Its deep blue color is the result of natural minerals present in the stone during its formation, and its velvety smooth finish adds to its luxurious appeal. This stone is an excellent choice for high-end countertops, flooring, and decorative accents that demand attention. Its strength and durability make it suitable for a wide range of applications, including high-traffic areas. Available in blocks and slabs.  


Harsin block stone

Harsin block stone extracted from Harsin Sardar Quarry. Harsin marble block has not any fracture and it suitable for export . this stone could used as a flooring and staircase . the color of harsin marble is beige and light beige but it has never seen as a white marble. the quarry is located in Harsin, near Kermanshah, west of Iran. harsin block classified as a marble stone and some of physical and chemicals are mentioned below: specific gravity: 2.67 water absorption: 0.31% strength in dry mode: 1020 kg/cm2 strength in wet mode: 980 kg/cm2 hardness:3 porosity: negligible test temperature: -40 the dimension of block stones are 200*300*150 cm , we process an annual quantity of 300.000 m2 of harsin marble stone into slab, tile and... the harsin block stone is a good choice of slab stone and floor stone . the charming and purity make this stone resonable marble 


white marble block

our company, Pishgam Stone, extracts  white crystaline marble block from Alimohammadi mine in Aligoudarz town in Lorestan province  with high quality and very reasonable price. The mining capacity for blocks and cubes is currently 3,000 tons per month that it will increase to 10,000 tons per month.

Pishgaman Soltanie stone Company

Shandiz crystal marble

Shandiz crystal marble is amazing marble  This quarry is in mashad this quarry is new quarry  is near then mashed airport Background colour is gray

Perspolis iran stone company

Pietra Gray Marble

Trade name: Pietra Gray Marble Available Sizes: Block and slabs Surface Finishing: Polished Color: Gray Texture and patterns: Black with white veins

SadafKooh Stone group

Black cherry granit

Black cherry granite

Azagh stone

Black cherry granit

Blocks, slabs and tile black cherry granite

Azagh stone

Abbasabad Travertine Coupe

Anbare naghsherostam 

Anbare naghsherostam

Stone sculpture

luxury stone sculpture in 190*80 size

As Stone

Royal Black Marble

Royal Black Marble Royal Black Marble is exclusive own quarry of MGT Stone Company. Having a very dark black background with spread beautiful white patterns, Royal Black Marble gives an eye-catching appearance which stands out among all other black marbles. It is common that many Black Marbles have both white and gold veins with each other but Royal Black Marble does not have any gold or brown vein in any part. In addition, white patterns of this stone are not linear. Sometimes, holes appear on the surface of dark marbles which are called as chains. Chains do not vanish during the polishing process. Royal Black Marble is chain free and so optimal for production. Therefore, this stone is a worthy item for producing polished slabs or tiles. Royal Black Marble can also be purchased in blocks.MGT is the exclusive owner of Royal Black Marble Quarry and is able to provide the block of this stone even in huge demands and at the earliest opportunity.


Sirjan/ Crystal Marble

Trade name: Sirjan/ Crystal Marble Production per month: Approximately 400 tones monthly Quarry history: Since 1981 Probable quarry reserved: approximately 3 million tones Color and pattern: White background with golden root Owner and manufacture: 3Mo (Mr. Mokhtari) Quarry address: Hormozgan province, Iran

Farjad Trade Co.

Ghareh Naz Quary / Travertine

Trade name:  Ghareh Naz Quary / Travertine Production per month: Approximately 3000 tones monthly Quarry history: Since 2018 Probable quarry resever: approximately 150,000 tones Color and patter: Cream and white Owner and manufacture: Mr. Nima Moradi Quarry address: Hamedan province, Iran

Farjad Trade Co.

Red Travertine

Red Travertine as both vein cut and cross cut is one of our permanents products. Most countries in the world are interested in this unique stone due to its beautiful color. Vein cut Red Travertine normally has straight white and parallel red veins which are lighter or darker than stone background color. But in some cases, these veins are irregular and would be seen as crazy waves on the surface of stone. There are different quarries of Red Travertine in Iran but the most famous one named “Soraya“ is located in Azarshahr. Cross cut Red Travertine has a plain and uniform texture and its color varies between light and dark.

Azar Sang Sorkh

Atashkadeh Cream Marble Quarry

Trade name : Neyshabour  Atashkadeh Cream Marble Quarry Production per month (Block): 2000 Tons Quarry history: Since 1988 Probable quarry reserve : 1 Milion Tons Color and Pattern: Cream and  Simple Beige Owner and manufacturer : Afshin  Zamanian Rad


Paradise Marble

Trade name : Paradise Marble Production per month (Block): 3000 Tons Quarry history: Since 2013 Probable quarry reserve :1 Milion Tons Color and Pattern: Cream Owner and manufacturer :Morteza Balkhari


Kian Kaniar

Trade name: Mahkam Production per month (Block): 2000 Tons Quarry history: since 2016 Probable quarry reserve:1,300,000 Tons Color and Pattern: Brown and bronze Owner and manufacturer: Kian Kaniar Mahkam

Mahkam Co

Sirjan , Crystal Marble

Trade name: Sirjan Crystal Marble Production per month (Block): 4000 Tons Quarry history: Since 1981 Probable quarry reserve: 3,300,000 Color and Pattern: White Background , woth golden veins Owner and manufacturer: 3Mo Stone ( Mr. Mokhtari)

3Mo Stone

Tajareh Chocolate Travertine Quarry

Trade name : Tajareh Chocolate Travertine Quarry Production per month (Block): 500 Tons Quarry history: Since 2003 Probable quarry reserve : 500,000 Tons Color and Pattern: Chocolate Owner and manufacturer: Behnam Nikfar

Nikfar Group

Tafresh Travertine Stone

Trade name : Tafresh Travertie Stone Production per month (Block): 650 Tons Quarry history: Since 1961 Probable quarry reserve : Color and Pattern: Owner and manufacturer

Iran Zamin Stone

Abnoureh travertine

Trade name : Abnoureh Travertine Production per month (Block): 500 Tons Quarry history: Since 1965 Probable quarry reserve : 300,000 Tons Color and Pattern: yellow and Lemon Owner and manufacturer: Mohammad reza bagheri

Iran Zamin Stone

Haji abad Travertine

Trade name : Haji Abad Travertine Production per month (Block): 8000 Tons Quarry history: Since 1954 Probable quarry reserve : 8,5000,000 Color and Pattern: Cream Owner and manufacturer : Faravar Emdad quarry


Atashkoh Travertine

Trade name : Atashkoh Travertine Production per month (Block): 8000 Tons Quarry history: Since 1954 Probable quarry reserve : 1,386,000 Tons Color and Pattern: cream Owner and manufacturer faravar emdad Quarry Co


Pietra grey marble

Trade name : Pietra Grey Marble Production per month (Block): 3000 Tons Quarry history: Since 1948 Probable quarry reserve : 360,000 Tons Color and Pattern: Black with white veins Owner and manufacturer:  Mojtaba Haj Heidari


Shafagh Granite quarry

  Trade name : Shafagh Granite Production per month (Block): 1600 Tons Quarry history: Since 2018 Probable quarry reserve :74,000 Tons Color and Pattern: Black Owner and manufacturer: Mr Bahador Beygi

Shafagh Granite Quarry

Pietra Grey

Trade name: Pietra Grey Production per month (Block): 1000 Tons Quarry history: since 1968 Probable quarry reserve: 100,000 Tons Color and Pattern: Black Owner and manufacturer: Mr. Sirous Kianian

Zaj Stone

Torang Marble

Trade name : Torang Marble Production per month (Block): 500 Tons Quarry history:Since 2015 Probable quarry reserve : 500,000 Tons Color and Pattern: White , Blue, Brown Owner and manufacturer

Torang Marble

Havain Travertine

Trade name : Havain Travertine Production per month (Block): 3000 Tons Color and Pattern: Yellow, Orange Owner and manufacturer: Salari Stone Factories and Quarries

Salar Stone Co