White Marble Slab Stones

Explosion White Marble

Explosion white is undoubtedly one of the authentic marbles of Iran. The white background with an explosion of gray and black colors represents a stunning piece of nature. Beautiful Irregular patterns of Explosion white slabs making marvelous book-matches and 4-matches opportunity which is appropriate for developers and luxurious buildings.


white marble slab

This white marble with veins is one of the most popular and reliable stones in Iran and world markets. This luxurious and favored marble is mostly used in modern buildings.  

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Persian Scato

Persian Scato is a sort of crystal quarried in Iran. The material purity may be different from block to block. Therefore, the textures may also be different

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Chehrak marble

Chehrak Marble As beautiful as peace, as green as olive, as old as an oath Chehrak Marble is one of the most elegant stones existing in light color which has been always as one of the best options for mass producers because it is economical. This marble with its cutting-edge polish technology and also processing with epoxy and UV has become so firm to be used in interior environments. This stone is found in olive and cream color theme. This stone has slab and tile dimensions. Its slabs have different sizes from 1m length and 1m width to 2m x 2m length. It is important to consider that this stone exists in different colors and patterns and one has to pay attention that the whole stone used in a  space especially used in floor be in one color theme and pattern.

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Dehbid marble

Cream Dehbid Marble Pure brightness sense Cream Dehbid Marble can be introduced as one of the whitest, the most qualified, the most luxurious and most favored light building stones available in Iran and world markets. This marble which is processed and distributed by several companies has always its own market and brands and is recognized to most of manufacturers. Cream Dehbid Marble is found in most of stone shapes due to its high strength. Its 2cm and 3cm thickness is applied in different places. Considering its cutting-edge polishing technology it is possible to use it in luxury places which need light stone and warm theme as well. Cream Dehbid Marble tiles are found from 40×40 to 120×120 dimensions and are used according to space and budget. This marble slab in large dimensions show high strength and stability and is able to decorate interior walls of a space. Also Cream Dehbid Marble can be used as stair stone and counter-top which gives especial view to staircase and kitchen.

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Shahyadi marble

Shahyadi Marble Whiteness pleasure of a snowy day in a warm space Shahyadi Marble is the whitest and strongest stone in its kind. It is found with different colorful veins including red, green and gray veins. This marble has been extracted from central mines of Iran and sent to factories all over Iran. Tehran Azadi Square is the most distinguished place in which this stone is used. Shahyadi Marble is definitely the clearest and whitest marble. This stone with its exemplary whiteness is able to create one of the best light spaces. Existing fine patterns make this stone different from any other stone. This stone is found in various slab and tile dimensions. Due to its strength, large slabs are produced out of this stone also 40×40 and 100×100 tiles may be found in markets with high quality. This stone is available in different designs such as cardiogram, Shahyadi grained, lined and other designs.

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