Marble Stones

river stone

White river stones with a size of 1-15 cm is one of the most beautiful and best-selling natural stones in interior decoration and green spaces, fountains, paving of gardens and villas, garden roof (roof garden), in works of art. Etc. are used.

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white marble slab

This white marble with veins is one of the most popular and reliable stones in Iran and world markets. This luxurious and favored marble is mostly used in modern buildings.  

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white marble block

white marble block from Aligoudarz regrion  with high quality and very reasonable price . The mining capacity for blocks and cubes is currently 3,000 tons per month that it will increase to 10,000 tons per month. 

Pishgaman Soltanie stone Company

marble block

Our mining products include marble blocks with the background of blue and white colors. The other products are calcium carbonate stones in sizes smaller than 60 x 60 cm and river stones with sizes of 1 - 15 cm .

Pishgaman Soltanie stone Company

Persian Scato

Persian Scato is a sort of crystal quarried in Iran. The material purity may be different from block to block. Therefore, the textures may also be different

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Shandiz crystal marble

Shandiz crystal marble is amazing marble  This quarry is in mashad this quarry is new quarry  is near then mashed airport Background colour is gray

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Chehrak marble

Chehrak Marble As beautiful as peace, as green as olive, as old as an oath Chehrak Marble is one of the most elegant stones existing in light color which has been always as one of the best options for mass producers because it is economical. This marble with its cutting-edge polish technology and also processing with epoxy and UV has become so firm to be used in interior environments. This stone is found in olive and cream color theme. This stone has slab and tile dimensions. Its slabs have different sizes from 1m length and 1m width to 2m x 2m length. It is important to consider that this stone exists in different colors and patterns and one has to pay attention that the whole stone used in a  space especially used in floor be in one color theme and pattern.

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pietra grey marble

Pietra Gray Marble A lightning in darkness, creator of luxury space Pietra gray marble with high strength and very low porosity in gray background is one of the popular stones in Iran and world market. This stone due to its strong parameters has been able to be used in historical monuments such as Naqsh-e Jahan Square and reminds us of past years and new architecture too. Pietra gray marble is one of the most useful dark marble stones in global markets. This stone is known as jack of all trades stone because it is usable everywhere due to its strength, resistance and beauty. This stone is found with different fabrications like bush-hammered, honed, polished, hammered and other types. Also this stone is found in tile and slab dimensions from the smallest tiles to the biggest slabs in market

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Dehbid marble

Cream Dehbid Marble Pure brightness sense Cream Dehbid Marble can be introduced as one of the whitest, the most qualified, the most luxurious and most favored light building stones available in Iran and world markets. This marble which is processed and distributed by several companies has always its own market and brands and is recognized to most of manufacturers. Cream Dehbid Marble is found in most of stone shapes due to its high strength. Its 2cm and 3cm thickness is applied in different places. Considering its cutting-edge polishing technology it is possible to use it in luxury places which need light stone and warm theme as well. Cream Dehbid Marble tiles are found from 40×40 to 120×120 dimensions and are used according to space and budget. This marble slab in large dimensions show high strength and stability and is able to decorate interior walls of a space. Also Cream Dehbid Marble can be used as stair stone and counter-top which gives especial view to staircase and kitchen.

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Shahyadi marble

Shahyadi Marble Whiteness pleasure of a snowy day in a warm space Shahyadi Marble is the whitest and strongest stone in its kind. It is found with different colorful veins including red, green and gray veins. This marble has been extracted from central mines of Iran and sent to factories all over Iran. Tehran Azadi Square is the most distinguished place in which this stone is used. Shahyadi Marble is definitely the clearest and whitest marble. This stone with its exemplary whiteness is able to create one of the best light spaces. Existing fine patterns make this stone different from any other stone. This stone is found in various slab and tile dimensions. Due to its strength, large slabs are produced out of this stone also 40×40 and 100×100 tiles may be found in markets with high quality. This stone is available in different designs such as cardiogram, Shahyadi grained, lined and other designs.

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Abadeh marble

Pink flowers on desert soil bed Abadeh Marble is one of the most especial types of marble existing in Iran and world markets. This stone’s pink background which is rare in its kind completes so many combined designs. This stone is usually offered in tile and in some rare cases in slab. Very delicate lines and fine spots on its surface have doubled its beauty and induce pleasant sense to audiences. This stone can be found in tile and slab. Its tile form is found in square shape from 20 to 120 dimensions. Also it is produced in rectangle shape with 1×2 ratio like 60cm×30cm. Consider that stone cutting units have ability to produce all ordered dimensions from Abadeh Marble. Combination of this stone with dark ones such as Pietra and Marshall Marbles can create peerless spaces. Abadeh Marble is normally found in polished surface but it has many decorative uses in guillotine and antique stones. Also by producer’s order it is possible to order this stone in honed, grooved, leathered and also in bush-hammer, hammered, cubic and other designs.  

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pietra gray

pietra gray slabs product in Isfahan factory and have 3grade.bookmatch and can use in diffrent places in building such as levels,WC, can order slab and tile with 2 or 3cm thickness

Mana Stone


Marble is commonly used for sculpture and as a building material. +989124203133 Amin Falah

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pietra Gray Marble has a special effect and beauty with gray and black background color and with white veins. This stone produced by a very high and varied volume production method in 2 Iranian stone processing centers, including Isfahan and Tehran Province as slab and tiles.

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Emperial/ Marble

Trade name: Emperial Emprador Production per month: Approximately 300 Tons Quarry history: Since 1978 Probable quarry reserved: Approximately 2 million Tons Color: Light & Dark Quarry Address: Rezvanshahr City, Isfahan Province, Iran

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Pietra Gray Marble

Trade name: Pietra Gray Marble Available Sizes: Block and slabs Surface Finishing: Polished Color: Gray Texture and patterns: Black with white veins

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Olivia Marble

Olivia marble is available in block, slab & tile

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Retransformation of limestone Abrasion and heat resistant Beauty and variety

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Verona Marble

Verona marble available in block, slab & tile

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Pietra Gray Marble

Pietra Gray marble is available in block, slab & tile

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Transformed from limestone High resistance to surface and depth weathering  The second best quality after granite

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Royal Black Marble

Royal Black Marble Royal Black Marble is exclusive own quarry of MGT Stone Company. Having a very dark black background with spread beautiful white patterns, Royal Black Marble gives an eye-catching appearance which stands out among all other black marbles. It is common that many Black Marbles have both white and gold veins with each other but Royal Black Marble does not have any gold or brown vein in any part. In addition, white patterns of this stone are not linear. Sometimes, holes appear on the surface of dark marbles which are called as chains. Chains do not vanish during the polishing process. Royal Black Marble is chain free and so optimal for production. Therefore, this stone is a worthy item for producing polished slabs or tiles. Royal Black Marble can also be purchased in blocks.MGT is the exclusive owner of Royal Black Marble Quarry and is able to provide the block of this stone even in huge demands and at the earliest opportunity.


Sirjan/ Crystal Marble

Trade name: Sirjan/ Crystal Marble Production per month: Approximately 400 tones monthly Quarry history: Since 1981 Probable quarry reserved: approximately 3 million tones Color and pattern: White background with golden root Owner and manufacture: 3Mo (Mr. Mokhtari) Quarry address: Hormozgan province, Iran

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Marble, Travertine

Iranian marble Marble in Iran has been extracted and used for hundreds of years, and this is not by accident. Iran has different marble stone types. There are lots of quarries all around Iran that are extracting marble stone in different colors and patterns.       Namin Marble Namin Marble is one of the highest quality and strongest marble stones in the country and has a long history. The source and mine of this rock is Ardebil province and the suburb of Namin. The background color is a cream with white veins resembling deer horns. At present, Namin Marble is processed in slabs and tiles and is used in various cases in the interior and exterior of the building. One of the most important characteristics of Namin marble compared to other marble stones is its high strength and resistance to pressure, cooling, and heat, which make this stone the focus of many manufacturers and Activists in the field of construction. Other features of marble are not very high density and excellent texture. The porosity of this rock is very low, so it has high swelling and polishing and can be polished to a mirror appearance. This stone can be used in different sizes and sizes with different thicknesses for different applications. Travertine Resources in Iran There are 180 Million tonnes of Travertine in Iran, which is only 10% percent of the country’s dimension stone resources Travertine, a sedimentary stone, with huge reserves in Iran. Iranian Travertine with its unique texture, exotic color and pattern are in great demand in the advanced markets of CIS countries, Iraq, Syria, Armenia,  European Union, and the U.S.A. Khalkhal travertine is a variegated cream, cream-beige & beige colors. It can be cut in both vein cut & crosscut. Khalkhal travertine classifies depends on shades & types of the veins. It can be used in facades & interior walls. Khalkhal travertine quarry is located in Porooch & Aghbolagh village, Khalkhal city, Ardebil province.

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Marble Gohareh

  Marble Gemstone Gemstone manufacturer in all sizes Gemstone rock production in the export specialty of export to different countries

Sina Sang

Atashkadeh Cream Marble Quarry

Trade name : Neyshabour  Atashkadeh Cream Marble Quarry Production per month (Block): 2000 Tons Quarry history: Since 1988 Probable quarry reserve : 1 Milion Tons Color and Pattern: Cream and  Simple Beige Owner and manufacturer : Afshin  Zamanian Rad


Paradise Marble

Trade name : Paradise Marble Production per month (Block): 3000 Tons Quarry history: Since 2013 Probable quarry reserve :1 Milion Tons Color and Pattern: Cream Owner and manufacturer :Morteza Balkhari


Kian Kaniar

Trade name: Mahkam Production per month (Block): 2000 Tons Quarry history: since 2016 Probable quarry reserve:1,300,000 Tons Color and Pattern: Brown and bronze Owner and manufacturer: Kian Kaniar Mahkam

Mahkam Co

Sirjan , Crystal Marble

Trade name: Sirjan Crystal Marble Production per month (Block): 4000 Tons Quarry history: Since 1981 Probable quarry reserve: 3,300,000 Color and Pattern: White Background , woth golden veins Owner and manufacturer: 3Mo Stone ( Mr. Mokhtari)

3Mo Stone

Pietra grey marble

Trade name : Pietra Grey Marble Production per month (Block): 3000 Tons Quarry history: Since 1948 Probable quarry reserve : 360,000 Tons Color and Pattern: Black with white veins Owner and manufacturer:  Mojtaba Haj Heidari


Pietra Grey

Trade name: Pietra Grey Production per month (Block): 1000 Tons Quarry history: since 1968 Probable quarry reserve: 100,000 Tons Color and Pattern: Black Owner and manufacturer: Mr. Sirous Kianian

Zaj Stone

Torang Marble

Trade name : Torang Marble Production per month (Block): 500 Tons Quarry history:Since 2015 Probable quarry reserve : 500,000 Tons Color and Pattern: White , Blue, Brown Owner and manufacturer

Torang Marble