Country: Iran
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Street 34 (gaz), Mahmoudabad Industrial Zone, Isfahan, Iran
Established year: 1985

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Processing Natural Stones (Block, Slabs, Tiles)

PAYA Stone Group, located in Iran, is one of the best trading companies in processing and exporting natural stones. PAYA Stone special offer is Pietra Grey Marble known for its quality, elegance and durability. Its' local name is Lashator marble.

Pietra Marble is one of the most famous and best-selling natural stones, sorted based on the background color and the number of white veins. This stone is considered luxurious and beautiful because of its' dark color and unique streaks.

Despite its' elegance and glory, Pietras' price is convenient and affordable, that’s why many contractors love Grey Marble a lot. Pietra Grey is the perfect choice for hotels, lobbies, restaurants, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, bench tops, living entry, flooring and wall decorations.

Iran has lots of Pietra quarries in Esfahan Province. Considering that, our factory is in Esfahan and we have our own Pietra Grey quarry, we have great access to stunning marble stones all the time and we provide Pietra Blocks and Slabs on top quality and best price.

Stone processing in PAYA Stone factory is toward fulfilling customer requirements. Operations undertaken during processing leads to the following processed stones: Polished Pietra Grey, Honed Pietra Grey, Sandblased Pietra Grey, Bush hammered Pietra Grey, Brushed Pietra Grey, Tumbled Pietra Grey.


Address: PAYA Stone, 43th street (gaz), Mahmood Abad Industrial Town, Isfahan, Iran

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