pietra grey marble

Material type: Marble
Stone color:  Gray
Stone form:  Slab
Pietra Gray Marble
A lightning in darkness, creator of luxury space

Pietra gray marble with high strength and very low porosity in gray background is one of the popular stones in Iran and world market. This stone due to its strong parameters has been able to be used in historical monuments such as Naqsh-e Jahan Square and reminds us of past years and new architecture too.

Pietra gray marble is one of the most useful dark marble stones in global markets. This stone is known as jack of all trades stone because it is usable everywhere due to its strength, resistance and beauty. This stone is found with different fabrications like bush-hammeredhonedpolishedhammered and other types. Also this stone is found in tile and slab dimensions from the smallest tiles to the biggest slabs in market


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