Shahyadi marble

Material type: Marble
Stone color:  White
Stone form:  Slab
Shahyadi Marble
Whiteness pleasure of a snowy day in a warm space

Shahyadi Marble is the whitest and strongest stone in its kind. It is found with different colorful veins including redgreen and gray veins. This marble has been extracted from central mines of Iran and sent to factories all over Iran. Tehran Azadi Square is the most distinguished place in which this stone is used.

Shahyadi Marble is definitely the clearest and whitest marble. This stone with its exemplary whiteness is able to create one of the best light spaces. Existing fine patterns make this stone different from any other stone.

This stone is found in various slab and tile dimensions. Due to its strength, large slabs are produced out of this stone also 40×40 and 100×100 tiles may be found in markets with high quality. This stone is available in different designs such as cardiogramShahyadi grainedlined and other designs.


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