Abadeh marble

Material type: Marble
Stone color:  Pink
Stone form:  Slab
Pink flowers on desert soil bed
Abadeh Marble is one of the most especial types of marble existing in Iran and world markets. This stone’s pink background which is rare in its kind completes so many combined designs. This stone is usually offered in tile and in some rare cases in slab. Very delicate lines and fine spots on its surface have doubled its beauty and induce pleasant sense to audiences.
This stone can be found in tile and slab. Its tile form is found in square shape from 20 to 120 dimensions. Also it is produced in rectangle shape with 1×2 ratio like 60cm×30cm. Consider that stone cutting units have ability to produce all ordered dimensions from Abadeh Marble. Combination of this stone with dark ones such as Pietra and Marshall Marbles can create peerless spaces.
Abadeh Marble is normally found in polished surface but it has many decorative uses in guillotine and antique stones. Also by producer’s order it is possible to order this stone in honedgroovedleathered and also in bush-hammerhammeredcubic and other designs.


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