Harsin Sardar quarry

Sardar stone quarry is located around Harsin city in Kermanshah province and due to having quality marble stones, it is known as one of the great location of Harsin marble in the country.

Zolfaghar stone production group is active in Harsin and they extract and produce marble from this quarry, which is known as Sardar marble.

What is marble stone?

The stones are divided into different categories and each category has its own characteristics and for different uses, different types of stones can be prepared. But in general, stone classification is known as marble and non-marble.
Marble is well known in the market and has many uses. This classification of stones is done by the ingredients of the stone and is divided into the two groups mentioned above, which we will introduce.
As we have said, marble is made according to the type of its constituent materials, which can be called a category of marble from limestone to sandstone, which can be found in Sardar stone quarry.
Marble stones, which classified into the category of sandstones, are usually composed of quartz grains and form the structure of marble with cement and contentious materials.
Sandstone marble has layers that are visible and traces can be seen in it. Another type of marble is limestone, which is completely layered and the streaks can be clearly seen.

These rocks are soluble in surface water. There are many types of products on the market, including fine-grained and coarse-grained, each with its own capabilities. The details can be paid for better
Harsin marble can be called one of the transformed stones that will be obtained from the transformation and recrystallization of limestone.

This process will take place over time and under pressure and heat, in which the texture of the limestone rocks changes, creating a large, streaked calcite. It should be noted that the main ingredient in marble is a mineral called calcite.


Marble in Harsin Sardar quarry
Due to its beauty, resistance to abrasion and fire, as well as its strength, Harsin Sardar marble quarry is a valuable stone compared to other marbles. Resin is also used in the production process to enhance the quality of its susceptibility and strength.

Due to their composition and components, marble stones are quickly decomposed in their depth and surface due to their composition and components, so the use of this type of stone in open spaces is not recommended by designers and contractors and they are used in interior and less airy designs. Will be used.


Harsin Marble quarries

Lighter colors are more expensive than marble, so Sardar stone quarries are more expensive than other stone quarries

Another aspect of marble pricing is that the larger it is, the higher the price. The type of stone cutting and its smoothness and polish are other factors influencing the price of marble in Sardar quarry.

Zolfaghar stone is the only product of Harsin Sardar marble that extracts its stone products from Sardar stone quarry and products such as stone blocks, tiles, slabs and decorative products are among the products of this production group.





Stone type: Marble
Address: harsin, kermanshah, iran
Extract year: 1988
Country: Iran

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