Abgarm Travertine

Trade Name: Abgarm Travertine
Production Per Month: Approximately 2000 tons
Quarry History: Since 2014 Probable
Quarry Reserve: 850/000 Tons
Color & Pattern: Cream
Owner & Manufacturer: Mr. Iman Mohammadirad
Quarry Address: Shahverdi Quarry, Abgarm Road, Mahallat county, Markazi Provinve, Iran
Email: Info@Imanstone.com
Website: www.Imanstone.com

Stone type: Travertine
Address: Shahverdi Quarry, Abgarm Road, Mahallat county, Markazi Provinve, Iran
Extract year: 2008
Country: Iran

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About company

Farjad Trade Co.
Country: Iran
+98-864 3222061
Farjad Tejarat Co, west 156 alley, south Rashid St, Tehran Pars 1st Sq, Tehran, Iran
Established year: 2006

Farjad Trade Co.

Farjad Tejarat Co started its activities in 2006 with the goal of researching and studying stone markets around the world.

The company was able to conduct research and study projects ordered by Markazi province business organization and comprehensive political, economic, cultural and entrepreneurial studies in Nigeria, Senegal, Serbia, and Montenegro.

Farjad Co started its activation on the expo industry when the Mahallat/Nimvar stone expo was formed in 2008 and it still performs to the present day.

Other programs of the company have included deployment and reception of business marketing committees, holding domestic and international seminars and Iran stone pavilions in international fairs and among the most significant projects undertaken by the company, the first international stone expo in Iran in 2017 and organizing the Iran pavilion at the stone expo in Izmir, Turkey in 2018 and 2019 can be named.


Mohammad Halajian
Mohammad Halajian

Chief Executive Officer