Abbas Abad light Travertine

This mountain is located in Nimvar, Markazi, Province in Iran. Some say this is the biggest mountain of travertine in the world. We can also say that this quarry is the most special travertine quarry because it has various blocks in vein shape and also colors. Any way the lightest travertine in the world can be found here. ISCO company owns a big part of this mountain and produces all products such as tiles, slabs, from this magnificent quarry. Below you can see some light travertine blocks.

Stone type: Travertine
Extract year: 2017
Country: Iran

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Country: Iran
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ISCO is an Iranian company established in 1981 with aim to produce, process and distribution of all kinds of natural stones in Iran. ISCO is established under authority of Pourhassani Quarries & Factories Group with more than 50 years of experience in natural stone industry. This company began its activity from working on one crystal marble quarry and now owns 7 natural stone quarries and 3 well equipped factories.


CEO & Founder

ISCO is founded by Mr. Hossein Pourhassani with more than 50 years of experience in mining and processing of natural stones in Iran. The activity has began with extracting from one crystal marble quarry and now the company owns multiple quarries and factories. It is a big honor for us to be one of the biggest suppliers in Iran.