Elixir Limestone Slabs


Available Slabs of Elixir Limestone, Size (cm):

Small Slabs: 250 x 150 x 2 and 3 thickness.

Big Slabs: 270 x 170 x 2 and 3 thickness.

Available tile size(s)

Available Tiles of Bianco Carrara Marble, Size (cm):

Tiles: 10x10, 20x20, 25x25, 30x30, 30.5x30.5, 61x30.5, 40x40, 60x60, 60x30, 80x100cm and cut-to-tiles

Thickness: 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.5 / 2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0 cm

French Pattern:

French Pattern, also known as Versailles Pattern or Modular Pattern, is a popular layout for natural stone tiles. The French Pattern is made up of four different sizes of Elixir Limestone tiles that are arranged in a repeating pattern.

Here are the common sizes of tiles used in French Pattern:

8" x 8"

8" x 16"

16" x 16"

16" x 24"

Available surface finishes

polished, honed, sawn cut, tumbled, sandblasted, filled, and antiquated

Material type: Limestone
Stone color:  Brown
Stone form:  Slab
Country: Iran

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Negin Stone Co.
Country: Iran
East First St. Sejzi Industrial Zone, Naeen Road, Isfahan, Iran

Negin Stone Co.

Negin Sang Kavir Co.(P.J.S), registered on March 06,2005 in Isfahan under No: 24265 to produce and export natural building stones and import stone processing accessories and machinery. Company’s current activities is in the following areas: – Extraction and processing of blocks from two Travertine and Limestone quarries – Production and processing of building stones in two production units to export – Import of machinery and stone industry requirements from China Negin Sang Kavir Co. as the owner of two quarries, Cream Limestone one located in south-west of Isfahan and Cream and Beige Travertine quarry in east of Isfahan, with a total capacity of about 40,000 tons per year, has provided a good possibility to supply export blocks and raw material for it’s units. Processing units of Negin Sang Kavir Co. located in Industrial zones of Mahmoud Abad and Sejzi, equipped with updated Italian and Iranian machinery and technology, are proud to export to more than 30 countries. 120 people, including engineers and production staff in these units, relaying on the experience and effort, have caused this company be known as an Appreciable Exporter in Isfahan province by the Department of Commerce during last years. Company’s import includes various processing and cutting machinery and consumable essentials of stone from China and Turkey with approved quality standards by production experts.Negin Sang Kavir company’s commercial team is ready in all workdays to advise and response any question regarding company’s Products, purchase information and transport from Iran to other countries.