Lotus Grey

Made from high-quality marble, this stone boasts a unique fossil background that adds depth and character to its design.
Lotus Grey features two distinct colors - dark and light - which work together seamlessly to create a beautiful contrast. The dark color is rich and bold, while the light color is soft and subtle, making this stone perfect for creating a dynamic look in any room.
One of the most striking features of Lotus Grey is the intricate white lines that run throughout its design. These lines are delicate yet bold, adding a touch of texture and interest to the stones surface.
Available in blocks and slabs.
Material type: Marble
Stone color:  Gray
Stone form:  Block
Country: Iran

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Country: Iran
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Located in the source of the best natural stone quarries and factories in Iran, Isfahan, Arlostone is a competent and dynamic producer and supplier of natural stones including marble, travertine, granite, and onyx in the form of slab and tile.
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