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What is Harsin Marble Slab?

Harsin Sardar marble slab is one of the best and most beautiful stones used in the building, which is extracted from Harsin region of Kermanshah province. Harsin Sardar marble is a type of marble that is obtained from compaction and remodeling of limestones and crystallization of domolite mineral.

The high pressure and heat that cause crystallization of crystalline minerals turn marble into a solid, moisture-resistant stone that is suitable for use in a variety of spaces, including paving and flooring.

Depending on the minerals in this composition, streaks of different colors are formed in this stone, which multiplies its dazzling beauty. The quality, strength and beauty of this stone is such that it is among the most expensive and exported Iranian stones.

The term slab refers to integrated rectangular or square cuts in the shape of a cup of various stones, which are usually much larger in size than conventional stone cuts. Slabs are often used in buildings, paving, floors and stairs.

Therefore, it can be concluded that Harsin Sardar Marble Slab is a type of marble that is created in the city of Harsin and has large rectangular sections that make it suitable for use in the decoration of buildings and areas. Harsin slabs are specifically cut to export standards and shipped throughout Iran and other countries.

Characteristics of Harsin Sardar Marble Slabs

Rock marble is very durable and due to the loss of its calcareous properties against moisture, it has good stability and resistance. Harsin Sardar marble is found in cream-gray, light cream and white colors, and very beautiful crystalline veins appear on this stone, which are formed from the crystallization of lateral minerals in the primary limestone.

This unique appearance feature has made Sardar Harsin Sardar marble slab very popular all over the world and sold as a luxury and very precious stone.

Harsin Sardar marble slabs are produced in various thicknesses and sizes. The standard thickness of Harsin Sardar marble slab is something between 2 and 3 cm / cm and it is often cut in sizes of 100 cm by 100 cm.

These sizes are the world standard sizes for cutting slab stones, and since Harsin Sardar marble slab is one of Iran's valuable export stones, it is cut after processing according to international standards to be acceptable to foreign markets.

Material type: Marble
Stone color:  Beige
Stone form:  Slab
Country: Iran

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