Harsin block stone

Harsin block stone extracted from Harsin Sardar Quarry. Harsin marble block has not any fracture and it suitable for export . this stone could used as a flooring and staircase . the color of harsin marble is beige and light beige but it has never seen as a white marble. the quarry is located in Harsin, near Kermanshah, west of Iran. harsin block classified as a marble stone and some of physical and chemicals are mentioned below:
specific gravity: 2.67
water absorption: 0.31%
strength in dry mode: 1020 kg/cm2
strength in wet mode: 980 kg/cm2
porosity: negligible
test temperature: -40
the dimension of block stones are 200*300*150 cm , we process an annual quantity of 300.000 m2 of harsin marble stone into slab, tile and...
the harsin block stone is a good choice of slab stone and floor stone . the charming and purity make this stone resonable marble 
Material type: Marble
Stone color:  Beige
Stone form:  Block
Country: Iran

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