white marble block

our company, Pishgam Stone, extracts  white crystaline marble block from Alimohammadi mine in Aligoudarz town in Lorestan province  with high quality and very reasonable price. The mining capacity for blocks and cubes is currently 3,000 tons per month that it will increase to 10,000 tons per month.
Material type: Marble
Stone color:  White
Stone form:  Block
Country: Iran

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Pishgaman Soltanie stone Company
Country: Iran
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Gisha St., Tehran, Iran

Pishgaman Soltanie stone Company

Pishgam stone Company is one of the pioneer companies in stone mining and producing calcium carbonate powder and river stones. Our company has been working on two stone mines since 2015. The mines are located in Shaqez area of Aligudarz town in Lorestan province, Iran. they are called Alimohammadi mines.

The mining products include crystaline marble blocks with a background of white,  gray and white colors.  The other products are slab and tiles,  calcium carbonate lumps  in sizes smaller than 60 x 60 cm, talc lumps and powder and river stones with sizes of 1 - 16 cm.

At present time, we export our products to many countries, such as Iraq, Oman, China, Europe and …
Our mission is complying and satisfying market needs, so with our experienced and specialized staff, we are committed to offer very high quality, timely delivery and …of our products. We, with your help and cooperation, decide to sell to global markets and our goal is your satisfaction.




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