Titanium Travertine

Titanium Travertine
A frame of mountains nature usable in all spaces

Titanium Travertine has silverbrownrusset and smoky color range. There are also black and white veins in these stones. Its darker sorts are more favored. This stone is known as titanium in global markets and is so reliable and popular. This stone is particularly found in northern-west mines of Iran and many stone cutting units have processed it into different types of polishedhoned and etc.

Titanium Travertine stone is definitely the most popular dark travertine stone in Iran. This stone has significant use in new and modern combined facades so that it is observed in most modern stone facades. This stone like its other same types is divided into veined and cross figures and is available in different tile and slab dimensions

Material type: Travertine
Stone color:  Gray
Stone form:  Slab
Country: Iran

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