Chehrak marble

Chehrak Marble
As beautiful as peace, as green as olive, as old as an oath

Chehrak Marble is one of the most elegant stones existing in light color which has been always as one of the best options for mass producers because it is economical. This marble with its cutting-edge polish technology and also processing with epoxy and UV has become so firm to be used in interior environments. This stone is found in olive and cream color theme.

This stone has slab and tile dimensions. Its slabs have different sizes from 1m length and 1m width to 2m x 2m length. It is important to consider that this stone exists in different colors and patterns and one has to pay attention that the whole stone used in a  space especially used in floor be in one color theme and pattern.

Material type: Marble
Stone color:  White
Stone form:  Slab
Country: Iran

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