Red Travertine

Red Travertine as both vein cut and cross cut is one of our permanents products. Most countries in the world are interested in this unique stone due to its beautiful color. Vein cut Red Travertine normally has straight white and parallel red veins which are lighter or darker than stone background color. But in some cases, these veins are irregular and would be seen as crazy waves on the surface of stone. There are different quarries of Red Travertine in Iran but the most famous one named “Soraya“ is located in Azarshahr. Cross cut Red Travertine has a plain and uniform texture and its color varies between light and dark.

Material type: Travertine
Stone color:  Red
Stone form:  Block
Country: Iran

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Azar Sang Sorkh
Country: Iran
QUARRY & FACTORY: On the 15th kilometers of ajabshir road, near kalavanagh village Kalvanagh Travertine quarry No2.
Established year: 2000

Azar Sang Sorkh

"Azar Sang Sorkh" Quarry has been operated on 2000 which is one of the greatest resources of the iran red & yellow travertine. the extracted blocks from this quarry has the highest quality in terms of density and color.

"Azar Sang Sorkh" quarry is equipped with the update, variable machinery and has been capable of developing extracting efficiency by modern machinery, new methods and professional staff.

Red travertine has been considered as one of the most specific colorful travertine stone in all the world. Its combination with other stones can create a spectacular mixture.




DBA Master of Geology More than 15 years experience in natural stone filed