Pietra Grey

Iranian Pietra Grey marble slabs and tiles italian marble alternative. 

Material type: Marble
Stone color:  Black
Stone form:  Slab
Country: Iran
Tags: Pietra Grey  

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Lael Azna
Country: Iran
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Lael Azna

Iranian natural stones are truly well-known around the world. Our products are classified under Onyx, Travertine , Marble and Limestone categories which are specifically used to fabricate the sight, flooring and multiple decorative coverings. Variability in colors and finishing are all working together to reach the clients’ most ambitious demands. We have the honor of exporting stone to the Middle East, Australia , Canada .Europian countries like Italy . the stone of the UN Swiss building is also one of our products. We also strive to keep each client of ours in a longitudinal business partnership in such a way that not only their profit is increased, but also there is a huge decline in the rate of risks