Slab polishing new

Electronic specifications

Slab polishing new has 64 sensitive sensors at the entrance that ability of detect the beginning and end and also fractures and cavities of the stone, and has Full PLC program that can also detected stone angles toward height of tool to get up and perch of heads at least height and time that this work has better performance for enhance the quality and device speed. Lateral movement is inverter and has special program for plate coming out from stone width.

Technical specifications

In system of new design guttural contrivance plate with 580 millimeters diameter and 9 tools, 6 tools is in plate and 3 other is in circle center that moves spin. Guttural shafts are smooth for anti-rubbing. Useful width is 2200 millimeter, device to spend this to 3 second. Guttural

Country: Iran

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Mahan Machine Co
Country: Iran
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Mahan Machine Co

Mahan Machinery Company is one of the few manufacturers of stone machinery that is active with over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of stone machinery. This company has skillful staffs of schemer engineers and technical technicians that with the latest modern technology were able to build devices which compete with its counterpart. It is noticeable that Mahan Machinery in 2008 was awarded the ISO 9001 certification from the Guay Audit Limited organ and in 2013 was awarded the Certificate TUV that this important more determined company about its targets. Eventually Mahan Machinery Company tries to rely on God and its expertise to make more customers satisfaction and succeed in this work.