Mahtab Stone-Cutting plant

Mahtab Stone-Cutting plant, as an Iranian company, pioneered in manufacturing various kinds of civil stones with high quality suing the most global technologies since fifty years ago. This company stands in this place in exporting constructional stones/rocks to various countries such as USSR , Azerbaijan republic , UAE, Iraq, Armenia and East Europe members states   in such a way that beyond 70% of this company’s products are exporting abroad.

With a long standing experiences in fulfillment of various civil stones projects upon adhering the most recent international technologies in manufacturing civil rock, this company produces and supplies its products with a competitive  price.

City: Isfahan
Address: Iran- Isfahan- MahmoudAbad industrial zone
Country: Iran
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Mahtab Stone
Country: Iran
(+98) 031-33802135
Iran- Isfahan- MahmoudAbad industrial zone

Mahtab Stone

Mahtab stone cutting factory building and stone manufacturer for use of the facade, stairs and the floor, ...