Latest Products

river stone

White river stones with a size of 1-15 cm is one of the most beautiful and best-selling natural stones in interior decoration and green spaces, fountains, paving of gardens and villas, garden roof (roof garden), in works of art. Etc. are used.

Pishgaman Soltanie stone Company

white marble slab

This white marble with veins is one of the most popular and reliable stones in Iran and world markets. This luxurious and favored marble is mostly used in modern buildings.  

Pishgaman Soltanie stone Company

white marble block

white marble block from Aligoudarz regrion  with high quality and very reasonable price . The mining capacity for blocks and cubes is currently 3,000 tons per month that it will increase to 10,000 tons per month. 

Pishgaman Soltanie stone Company

marble block

Our mining products include marble blocks with the background of blue and white colors. The other products are calcium carbonate stones in sizes smaller than 60 x 60 cm and river stones with sizes of 1 - 15 cm .

Pishgaman Soltanie stone Company

Red Travertine

Red persian travertine , veincut pattern is public. more different with white or silver and cream travertine .  there are two colors range light red and dark red with veinn cut pattern has vast market and hight quality material to Eroupean Interior or external design, such as building external design, streets , counter tops, backspalsh, walls and etc

Novin Stone Trading

Persian Scato

Persian Scato is a sort of crystal quarried in Iran. The material purity may be different from block to block. Therefore, the textures may also be different

Novin Stone Trading

Gohare Limestone

Gohare Limestone a dark limestone with rich dark shades. Gohare Limestone is known for the combination of its strength and beauty which allows for this versatile martial to be easily adaptable to both Modern and Classic settings. Gohare like all other natural stone is able to be placed in the majority of indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Novin Stone Trading

Shandiz crystal marble

Shandiz crystal marble is amazing marble  This quarry is in mashad this quarry is new quarry  is near then mashed airport Background colour is gray

Perspolis iran stone company

Latest Quarries

Porcelain marble Quarry

Porcelain marble mine is located in Shaqez area of Aligudarz town in Lorestan province, Iran. it's  reserves are estimated to be about 100 million tons. Our company has been working on this mine since 2015.  

Pishgaman Soltanie stone Company

White Harsin Marble

Trade name: White Harsin Marble Quarry history: Since 2005 Color: White Quarry Address: Kermanshah Province

Farjad Trade Co.

White Onyx

Trade name: White Onyx Quarry history: Since 2010 Color: White Quarry Address: Ghorveh city, Kordestan Province, Iran 

Farjad Trade Co.

Green Onyx/ block

Trade name: Green Onyx Quarry history: Since 2015 Color: Green Quarry Address: Mashhad, Iran

Farjad Trade Co.

Latest Factories

Tehran Stone Processing Co

Manufacturer of all kinds of building stones, slab, tile, cut to size, stone carving and sculptures

Tehran Stone Processing Co.


Tiara Factory located at Mahallat Industrial Park It has two saws and a production line and 9000 meters of production hall and a daily production of 650 square meters.

APADANA stone group

Mahtab Stone-Cutting plant

Mahtab Stone-Cutting plant, as an Iranian company, pioneered in manufacturing various kinds of civil stones with high quality suing the most global technologies since fifty years ago. This company stands in this place in exporting constructional stones/rocks to various countries such as USSR , Azerbaijan republic , UAE, Iraq, Armenia and East Europe members states   in such a way that beyond 70% of this company’s products are exporting abroad. With a long standing experiences in fulfillment of various civil stones projects upon adhering the most recent international technologies in manufacturing civil rock, this company produces and supplies its products with a competitive  price.

Mahtab Stone

Latest Machineries

Alborz Iran

Trade name: Alborz Iran Field of Activity: Producing of Loader automate Lift track  Addres: Isfahan Province, Iran

Farjad Trade Co.

Polishing Machine

Koroghli Polishing Machine

Koroghli Industries

Slab polishing new

Electronic specifications Slab polishing new has 64 sensitive sensors at the entrance that ability of detect the beginning and end and also fractures and cavities of the stone, and has Full PLC program that can also detected stone angles toward height of tool to get up and perch of heads at least height and time that this work has better performance for enhance the quality and device speed. Lateral movement is inverter and has special program for plate coming out from stone width. Technical specifications In system of new design guttural contrivance plate with 580 millimeters diameter and 9 tools, 6 tools is in plate and 3 other is in circle center that moves spin. Guttural shafts are smooth for anti-rubbing. Useful width is 2200 millimeter, device to spend this to 3 second. Guttural

Mahan Machine Co

Alvand: Stone cutting machine

Stone cutting machine liner guide (model Alvand) Cutting machine full set and portable for cutting stone, ceramic, tile, Bricks and more. It has unique features, the building has explained that cutting place Economy. Some of Property stone cutting machine liner guide (model Alvand): Portability at work place the removable base side side handle proper weight cutting machine Shrinking dust and Noise. Lowering waste materials are Extreme so attention, that is economically feasible to purchase. Precision cutting. Speed cutting. The cutting ability of different materials, changing cutting discs. champher throw the first stone (from zero to 45 degree angle) Water reservoir and water pump with cutting machine. And etc. Stone cutting machine liner guide (model Alvand) offer in different designs and sizes. For advice and buying the things Contact us. General specifications: Dimensions: 1514*643*3060 mm Desk 550 x 2500 mm Height to table 720 mm Height Base of 590 mm Width Help Desk 460 mm Technical Specifications: Cutting disc diameter 250 to 400 mm Chamfering (from zero to 90 degree angle) Set Cutting height up to 100 mm Anti-Shock and Anti – rusty-Rail liner guide removing Linear Bearings motion of Extreme Soft Chassis twisting rails liner solid (high precision in Chamfer) Two pieces of arm bending Electrical Specifications: Electro motor with Powers 3 kW speed 2800 rpm Accessories: The constant for cutting Bevel The animated side-to-length 1200 mm Two Protractor Help Desk Bases Hadid Sanat is designer and manufacture different portable cutting Machines.

Hadid Sanaat