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Chehrak marble

Chehrak Marble As beautiful as peace, as green as olive, as old as an oath Chehrak Marble is one of the most elegant stones existing in light color which has been always as one of the best options for mass producers because it is economical. This marble with its cutting-edge polish technology and also processing with epoxy and UV has become so firm to be used in interior environments. This stone is found in olive and cream color theme. This stone has slab and tile dimensions. Its slabs have different sizes from 1m length and 1m width to 2m x 2m length. It is important to consider that this stone exists in different colors and patterns and one has to pay attention that the whole stone used in a  space especially used in floor be in one color theme and pattern.

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pietra grey marble

Pietra Gray Marble A lightning in darkness, creator of luxury space Pietra gray marble with high strength and very low porosity in gray background is one of the popular stones in Iran and world market. This stone due to its strong parameters has been able to be used in historical monuments such as Naqsh-e Jahan Square and reminds us of past years and new architecture too. Pietra gray marble is one of the most useful dark marble stones in global markets. This stone is known as jack of all trades stone because it is usable everywhere due to its strength, resistance and beauty. This stone is found with different fabrications like bush-hammered, honed, polished, hammered and other types. Also this stone is found in tile and slab dimensions from the smallest tiles to the biggest slabs in market

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Dehbid marble

Cream Dehbid Marble Pure brightness sense Cream Dehbid Marble can be introduced as one of the whitest, the most qualified, the most luxurious and most favored light building stones available in Iran and world markets. This marble which is processed and distributed by several companies has always its own market and brands and is recognized to most of manufacturers. Cream Dehbid Marble is found in most of stone shapes due to its high strength. Its 2cm and 3cm thickness is applied in different places. Considering its cutting-edge polishing technology it is possible to use it in luxury places which need light stone and warm theme as well. Cream Dehbid Marble tiles are found from 40×40 to 120×120 dimensions and are used according to space and budget. This marble slab in large dimensions show high strength and stability and is able to decorate interior walls of a space. Also Cream Dehbid Marble can be used as stair stone and counter-top which gives especial view to staircase and kitchen.

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Shahyadi marble

Shahyadi Marble Whiteness pleasure of a snowy day in a warm space Shahyadi Marble is the whitest and strongest stone in its kind. It is found with different colorful veins including red, green and gray veins. This marble has been extracted from central mines of Iran and sent to factories all over Iran. Tehran Azadi Square is the most distinguished place in which this stone is used. Shahyadi Marble is definitely the clearest and whitest marble. This stone with its exemplary whiteness is able to create one of the best light spaces. Existing fine patterns make this stone different from any other stone. This stone is found in various slab and tile dimensions. Due to its strength, large slabs are produced out of this stone also 40×40 and 100×100 tiles may be found in markets with high quality. This stone is available in different designs such as cardiogram, Shahyadi grained, lined and other designs.

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Abadeh marble

Pink flowers on desert soil bed Abadeh Marble is one of the most especial types of marble existing in Iran and world markets. This stone’s pink background which is rare in its kind completes so many combined designs. This stone is usually offered in tile and in some rare cases in slab. Very delicate lines and fine spots on its surface have doubled its beauty and induce pleasant sense to audiences. This stone can be found in tile and slab. Its tile form is found in square shape from 20 to 120 dimensions. Also it is produced in rectangle shape with 1×2 ratio like 60cm×30cm. Consider that stone cutting units have ability to produce all ordered dimensions from Abadeh Marble. Combination of this stone with dark ones such as Pietra and Marshall Marbles can create peerless spaces. Abadeh Marble is normally found in polished surface but it has many decorative uses in guillotine and antique stones. Also by producer’s order it is possible to order this stone in honed, grooved, leathered and also in bush-hammer, hammered, cubic and other designs.  

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Blue Onyx is a slab product in Isfahan factory and has bookmatch and Fourmatch grade 3. You can use it in different places of the building such as surface, bathroom and kitchen and work environment. You can order slabs and blocks


Onyx Green

Green Onyx is a slab product in Isfahan factory and has bookmatch and Fourmatch grade 3. You can use it in different places of the building such as surface, bathroom and kitchen and work environment. You can order slabs and blocks


pietra gray

pietra gray slabs product in Isfahan factory and have 3grade.bookmatch and can use in diffrent places in building such as levels,WC, can order slab and tile with 2 or 3cm thickness

Mana Stone

Latest Quarries

Blue Emprador Marble

  Trade name: Blue Emprador Marble Production per month: 1000 Tons Quarry history: Since 2015 Probable quarry reserve: 200/000 Tons Color: Blue & Cream Quarry Address: Mahallat County, Markazi Province, Iran

Farjad Trade Co.

Afghanestan Onyx

  Trade name: Afghanestan Onyx Color: Rose white Quarry Address: 24 St, Mahmoud Abad Industrial Zone, Isfahan Province, Iran 

Farjad Trade Co.

Blue Eye Granite

  Trade name: Blue Eye Granite Quarry history: Since 2000 Color: Light Blue clusters & Black Veins Office Address: Tehran Province, Iran

Farjad Trade Co.

Black cherry granit

Black cherry granite mine

Azagh stone

Latest Factories

Tehran Stone Processing Co

Manufacturer of all kinds of building stones, slab, tile, cut to size, stone carving and sculptures

Tehran Stone Processing Co.


Tiara Factory located at Mahallat Industrial Park It has two saws and a production line and 9000 meters of production hall and a daily production of 650 square meters.

APADANA stone group

Mahtab Stone-Cutting plant

Mahtab Stone-Cutting plant, as an Iranian company, pioneered in manufacturing various kinds of civil stones with high quality suing the most global technologies since fifty years ago. This company stands in this place in exporting constructional stones/rocks to various countries such as USSR , Azerbaijan republic , UAE, Iraq, Armenia and East Europe members states   in such a way that beyond 70% of this company’s products are exporting abroad. With a long standing experiences in fulfillment of various civil stones projects upon adhering the most recent international technologies in manufacturing civil rock, this company produces and supplies its products with a competitive  price.

Mahtab Stone

Latest Machineries

Alborz Iran

Trade name: Alborz Iran Field of Activity: Producing of Loader automate Lift track  Addres: Isfahan Province, Iran

Farjad Trade Co.

Polishing Machine

Koroghli Polishing Machine

Koroghli Industries

Slab polishing new

Electronic specifications Slab polishing new has 64 sensitive sensors at the entrance that ability of detect the beginning and end and also fractures and cavities of the stone, and has Full PLC program that can also detected stone angles toward height of tool to get up and perch of heads at least height and time that this work has better performance for enhance the quality and device speed. Lateral movement is inverter and has special program for plate coming out from stone width. Technical specifications In system of new design guttural contrivance plate with 580 millimeters diameter and 9 tools, 6 tools is in plate and 3 other is in circle center that moves spin. Guttural shafts are smooth for anti-rubbing. Useful width is 2200 millimeter, device to spend this to 3 second. Guttural

Mahan Machine Co

Alvand: Stone cutting machine

Stone cutting machine liner guide (model Alvand) Cutting machine full set and portable for cutting stone, ceramic, tile, Bricks and more. It has unique features, the building has explained that cutting place Economy. Some of Property stone cutting machine liner guide (model Alvand): Portability at work place the removable base side side handle proper weight cutting machine Shrinking dust and Noise. Lowering waste materials are Extreme so attention, that is economically feasible to purchase. Precision cutting. Speed cutting. The cutting ability of different materials, changing cutting discs. champher throw the first stone (from zero to 45 degree angle) Water reservoir and water pump with cutting machine. And etc. Stone cutting machine liner guide (model Alvand) offer in different designs and sizes. For advice and buying the things Contact us. General specifications: Dimensions: 1514*643*3060 mm Desk 550 x 2500 mm Height to table 720 mm Height Base of 590 mm Width Help Desk 460 mm Technical Specifications: Cutting disc diameter 250 to 400 mm Chamfering (from zero to 90 degree angle) Set Cutting height up to 100 mm Anti-Shock and Anti – rusty-Rail liner guide removing Linear Bearings motion of Extreme Soft Chassis twisting rails liner solid (high precision in Chamfer) Two pieces of arm bending Electrical Specifications: Electro motor with Powers 3 kW speed 2800 rpm Accessories: The constant for cutting Bevel The animated side-to-length 1200 mm Two Protractor Help Desk Bases Hadid Sanat is designer and manufacture different portable cutting Machines.

Hadid Sanaat